Truth Behind Sara Ali Moving To New Home

Sara Ali Khan gave us a red herring to chase when she made everyone speculate that she is moving out of her mother Amrita Singh’s house and bought a new pad for herself.

Given her recent Bollywood success, the news was not very surprising. However, now the actress has cleared the air about the viral picture in which she is seen with a lot of cartons stuffed in the boot of her car that sparked rumours of her moving out, as well as an Instagram post where again she was clicked sitting next to a few cardboard boxes with her belongings inside.
She cleared the air during an event saying: “It’s a false rumour. I stay with my mother and really happy that way. Inshallah I think I am going to continue chewing her brain for many many years.” On further questioning about her luggage, she said that she took her luggage everywhere.
Not many were convinced though, as some time back, she had shared a picture of hers, with boxes around her, in various stages of unpacking perhaps, and written: “Here’s to new beginnings!”
Apparently, the ‘new beginnings’ that she had hinted at in her Instagram post was of endorsing her first brand, and the gimmick was for her new ad campaign.