I Didn’t Really Have My Dad - Alia Bhatt

Born as a fierce soul with a ready-to-take-on-the-world attitude, Alia Bhatt – recently graced the couch on Starry Nights 2 Alia was seen with her mother Soni Razdan, who has revealed interesting stories of her childhood and acting career. Alia spilled beans about her childhood and shared how her relationship with dad Mahesh Bhatt has changed over the years.

When Alia was asked if she missed her father Mahesh Bhatt during childhood days, she said, “For me, he was always like a celebrity who would walk into the house. I didn’t miss him as such because I didn't really have him. But after a couple of years, he made sure he spent some time with us, played board games. The real friendship started when I entered the Bollywood industry and I understand how it must have been for him. It is such a consuming job.”
Along with Alia Bhatt, her mother Soni Razdan was asked to share a bit about Alia Bhatt and her childhood memories. She adds, “Alia was always a happy go lucky child, it is a wonderful feeling to witness how big of a star she has become now. We are all quite charmed by what she is managing to do. She is doing it well and what more can one ask.”
Her mother further reveals, “Alia was a very obedient child, the only thing she was fussy about was what dress she wore. I would have to give her choices and she would pick her dress out knowing very well exactly what she wanted to wear.”
Alia and Soni Razdan worked together in Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi.