Hollywood film Will Be Made on Indian novel 'Timirpanthi'

Indian novel "Timirpanthi", whose English version is "Pilgrims in the Dark", is all set to turn into a feature film.

Singapore firms Aurora Media and Darpan Global have adapted Dhruv Bhatt's novel to bring it alive on the big screen, variety.com reported.
The film is based around Sati, the female protagonist, and her struggle to set up a school in her community, which leads us to her unseen world where thieving is their livelihood and an art.
Director Dakxin Bajrange said: "This will be an interesting yet entertaining realistic fiction film discussing an important untouched issue of colonial impact on the lives of certain tribes, the police brutality that they face, and their struggle to bring the change within."
Casting is underway ahead of an anticipated shoot from the third quarter of 2019.