Hacker Remo aka Aryann Bhowmik to turn saviour for Kolkata

Aryann Bhowmik is all geared up to turn into Kolkata’s saviour as the city’s power grid and other vital networks are on the verge of being seized by some unidentified hackers. Albeit it’s going to happen on screen as the ‘Chalo Paltai’, ‘Mishwar Rahossho’ and ‘Yeti Obhijaan’ famed actor will now be seen as Remo, an ethical hacker in the upcoming Bengali movie ‘The Hacker’.

The movie is being directed by debutante duo Siddharth Sen and Subrata Mondal. According to sources the movie begins with seven murders across the city which according to RAW is somehow linked. RAW agent Kabir Ali (played by Aryann Roy) is assigned the case. Soon he realises the need of a hacker at his disposal to get deep into the case. His quest for a hacker leads him to Kalimpong based 22 year old hacker Remo (played By Aryann Bhowmik).
Remo had recently got into the wrong side of the law as he has allegedly tried his hacking skill to rob a bank.
This tussle with the law has affected his social reputation as well as love life. Kabir offers Remo to bring him out of this trouble and restore his lost reputation if he helps him to crack this case. The rest of the film reveals how Remo and Kabir solve the mysterious case.
The movie got its trailer and music launched recently. The trailer hints that it will be a coming of age movie for Bengali cinema. We can see in the trailer that the locations of the seven murders, if linked through one line, creates a question mark. Kabir wonders if it is a mere co incidence or the conspirators are shooting a question to the nation.
Later we see in the trailer that Kolkata shrinks into darkness as an unknown hacker hacks the powergrid. Also a few people are seen to be losing money from their bank account. Soon a mysterious voice call the CM office to warn with an intimidating message. It says “This is just the beginning”.
The trailer ends with a sequence in which Aryann Bhowmik is seen to be pointing a revolver to someone. This surely hints that Remo’s action in the movie will not be limited to his online exploits only.
Apart from the two Aryanns (Aryann Bhowmik and Aryann Roy) actors like Partha Sarathi, Deboprosad Halder, Tina Sen and Deb Adhikari will be seen in pivotal roles. The Bubbly actress Ena Saha plays the love interest of Remo. The movie will hit the theatres in early 2019.