Dotara will raise sensitive issue of Naxalism

Actor Subrat Dutt, who has done notable roles in Bollywood films like Bhoothnaath Returns, Raktacharitra, Zameen and Tango Charlie recently landed in Kolkata to attend the premiere of his latest Bengali movie Dotara. The movie which has been directed by Amitabha Dasgupta, revolves round the sensitive issue of Naxalites problem.

During the premiere of the movie, Subrata Dutta said, “It is always a pleasure to come back to Kolkata and work in my own mother tongue. I have portrayed a very unique character in Dotara. I play the role of a Bhawaiya Singer who turns into a Naxal rebel. Later he realises that violence and bloodshed is not the proper way of achieving demands. But by then he had crossed the point of no return.”
Snigdha Pandey, the lead lady of the film was also present at the premiere. The young actress was looking a stunner in a black dress. Sonali Choudhury, another leading lady of the film was also present at the do. Gave the premiere a miss was senior artist Rajesh Sharma who has a pivotal role in the movie in form of a dreaded rebel leader.
Tapasi Dasgupta, the producer of the film as well as Amitabha Dasgupta, the director was spotted greeting the guests at the premiere and giving bytes to media with equal zest.
Apart from the cast crew of the movie, actor Ishaan Majumdar and distributor turned director Rajib Choudhury was also present.
The movie touched the audience with its content as well as soulful music. The audience gathered at the premiere was also abuzz with the appreciation of the scenic locales in North Bengal where the movie has been extensively shot.